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Logging wood in State Forests is held according international rules: sustaining the life of forests, sustainable development and natural environment protection. It is confirmed by certificates granted to Regional Directorates of State Forests.

Forest Stewardship Council ®

Regional Directorates of State Forests (RDLP) in Zielona Góra has been granted the Forest Stewardship Council Certificate ®since 2001.

RDLP in Zielona Góra currently holds FSC® Certificate with registration number SGS-FM/COC-009010 valid from 23 March of 2012 to 22 March of 2017.

The condition of getting the certificate is working forest farming with the consideration of all valid legal norms of given country and international treaties and agreements of which the country is          the signatory. It is also obligatory to fulfil all the principles and criteria to be given the certificate.


FSC Certificate

Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes (PEFC)

Since 2003, in Polish forests there has been implemented certified alternative system – PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes).

The certificate  is valid from 21 December of 2014 to 20 December of 2017  and remains valid on the condition of getting positive outcomes of supervision audits.


Regional Directorates of State Forests in Zielona Góra received PEFC Certificate in 2011. The management system operating in RDLP in Zielona Góra was evaluated and certified as meeting all the requirements included in Polish criteria and rates of stable and balanced  forest development for forest certification.

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