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Promotional forest complex "Lubusz forests"

Promotional Forest Complex (Polish abbreviation LKP) consists of a large forest area and possibly compact forest complexes included in one or several Forest Divisions, created for ecological promotion and multifunctional forest farming, as well as for cooperation with natural environment protection organizations.

Promotional Forest Complex of „Lubusz Forest" came into being on 19 December of 1994 under            the regulation No 30 of General Director of  State Forests. The area of Forest Division in Lubsko was covered with the scope of its programme.


Promotional Forest Complexes reconcile business purposes with active ecosystem protection purposes, propagate environmentally friendly technologies and promote scientific researches.
First seven LKPs came into being in 1994 and presently there are 25  working LKPs in Poland.


Major duties of foresters  as regards Promotional Forest Complex "Lubusz Forest":

  1. Restoring the natural changeability  in functioning of forest ecosystems.
  2. Restitution of  deteriorated and destructed natural environment communities with farming methods and forest protection guarantee faster pace of restoration of biocenosis with biotope compatibility.
  3. Protection of biodiversity  with saving genetic richness.
  4. Strengthening forest beneficial impact on the natural environment, as well as social and economical development of the region carried out through rational exploitation, renewal and enlargement of forest resources.
  5. Nature and forestry education of society.


The objectives are materialized in economic proceeding in accordance with the objectives  concerning improvement of  forest farming on the basis of ecological foundation.  There were worked out            „The rules of farming and protection proceedings in Promotional Forest Complex Lubusz Forests".
Above mentioned conditions decide about taking up certain actions by the foresters as follows:

  • Executed identification of soil and forest habitats  and examined a degree of their decline.
  • Formulated and developed the programme of tree stand reconstruction in order to make composition of the forests consistent with the habitat.
  • Elaborated the programme of small water retention and natural storage reservoirs, that are a kind of watering places as a drinking source for animals.
  • Performing  the environmental  and forest  enhancement.
  • Established  The Social and Economic Council, including the representatives  of the  Local            Self-Government , local media, scientific world and pedagogues.


Promotional Forest Complex "Lubusz Forests" is for Regional Directorate of State Forests in Zielona Góra a kind of experimental  and testing ground serving the implementation of changes in important elements of forest works. They consist, among others, in firing out branches in felling site and replacing this  action with mechanical grinding and discontinuing further usage of mineral oil, and then replacing it with bio-oil of vegetable origin for chain saws. After the period of tests, they were adopted into use in all the Forest Divisions of RDLP in Zielona Góra.  Such actions earned recognition of Ministry of Environment and was distinguished in the contest  "Leader of Polish ecology" in 2001.

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